Thursday 4 July 2024

The Disability Pride Flag

This is the current Disability Pride flag. Within the flag each colour represents a different type of disability:

  • Red = physical disabilities
  • Yellow = Neurodiverse (such as ASD aka Autism, ADHD, dyslexia etc.)
  • White = invisible or hidden disabilities as well as those who are undiagnosed 
  • Blue = emotional and mental health disorders 
  • Green = sensory disabilities (visual impairment, d/Deaf and Deafblind etc.)

The original flag:

The original flag was created in 2019 and had much more vivid colours and zig-zagged to represent the barriers disabled people face. However when viewed on digital screens it affected some people with photosensitivity and seizures and other visually triggered symptoms.

In response to this the flag was changed to the flag we have today; the lines were made diagonal and the colours were dulled. The red and the green were also separated to accommodate for those with red-green colour blindness.