Tuesday 29 December 2020

Christmas reflections & New Year

I truly had a lovely Christmas. With COVID this year it's been much more low-key which I've preferred and it made it more manageable for me. 

Normally during the day I have regular rest periods but with how the day worked out I wasn't able to have them, but I did have one longer rest period in in the afternoon and by about 7pm I was shattered. 

It was lovely to be with family especially as so many people spend this time of year alone. I do enjoy family time but equally I like my quiet alone time. 

I feel so grateful for all the gifts I received from family and friends and my notice board is looking very festive with the cards that I received. I also received money towards buying an Apple Watch so I'm super excited to order that when I can!

I hope everyone reading this had a lovely Christmas too whatever you got up to and if you don't celebrate Christmas I still hope that you had a lovely day.

Going forwards into the New Year is difficult for more. For new me New Year isn't about 'new year, new start, new me' as Georgina put in our YouTube video collaboration. For me New Year makes me feel stuck; another year gone where I've been ill and another year ahead of still being ill and my life probably not going far forward. I do hover now feel better equipped in many ways. I have the knowledge that I learnt in hospital, I have some really good professionals in my care team, I have my faith and I have some amazing friends and people in my life. As hard as it can be sometimes it's trying to find the negative in the positives as I wrote about in my mini Positivity Series here on my blog. I also have plans for my blog and YouTube channel.

A person holding a pebble in their hands and on the pebble is written the word hope.

So as hard as my life can be I do feel that despite all the challenges I face there is a lot of good and hope in it all in terms of moving forwards into next year..