Sunday 28 April 2019

The M.E. Show Podcast

So I've recently discovered podcasts, which are especially enjoyable when I'm needing something to listen too, but need to lay in bed with limited light and sensory stimulation.

What's so nice about podcasts is that I find them easier to follow that an audiobook which may have a bit more of a complicated plot to follow and when I'm not feeling 100%, like recently they're also a lot shorter in length which helps when your concentration is lacking.

One podcast I've been enjoying is The M.E. Show (link to iTunes) which is run by Gary Burgess with the support of The M.E. Association. I've started from the beginning which was first put up last year. Each episode Gary interviews different people such as Jennifer Brea who shared her story of M.E. in the film 'Unrest', Dr Charles Shepherd who has M.E. himself and is a spokesperson for M.E. in the UK, Jane Colby from the Tymes Trust, Emma Donohoe who presented the Documentary 'M.E. and Me' which I blogged about last year and you can read it here and many others affected by M.E./CFS from carers to professional, to individuals with M.E. and even MP's and charity workers.

Gary himself has M.E. so it's amazing that's he's able to create the podcast for others like myself.

Gary also runs a website and blog called 'The Zonked Club' for people affected by conditions that cause fatigue such as M.E.

I'd really recommend The M.E. Show podcast. Each show is less than an hour and it really light going so it's easy to follow and it's quite informative at the same time.