Monday 29 April 2019

'But You Don't Look Sick' - Metro series

So I've just come across a series of articles in The Metro called 'You Don't Look Sick'.

It features lots of different people with a variety of invisible illnesses and disabilities including Parkinson's, cancer, sickle cell anaemia, asthma, M.E., Multiple Sclerosis, COPD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease endometriosis and more.

It's really interesting for me to learn about how different illness affect individuals, but also the difficulty in having an invisible illness or disability - something that I can really relate to. 

In the articles it covers what the illness is, how many people are affected by invisible illnesses/disabilities in the UK and the impact having an invisible illness/disability has on individuals, for example how feel they feel that they have to quickly exist disabled loos to avoid judgement, their condition not being believed at work, worrying about disclosing their illness, and even one person giving up their Blue Badge (disabled parking permit) because of abuse they'd received.

A link to the articles is:

It's really good to give invisible illnesses/disabilities the spotlight to raise awareness and understanding so hopefully the public can be more aware.