Tuesday 16 April 2019

The M.E. Show - Call for Volunteers: M.E. Association

Our Gary Burgess is producing a special edition of The ME Show podcast to coincide with ME Awareness Week in May, and he needs your help:⠀

"I’m looking to feature a number of people with ME speaking in their own words about what life with ME is really like.⠀

It’s simply a case of making a recording on your mobile phone or other device and emailing it to me at garyburgess1975@gmail.com – most phones have a voice memo function.⠀

Or you can send me voice message via Facebook using the microphone symbol in Messenger or on the M.E. Association's Instagram.

Don’t worry about hesitations or needing to re-start your words. I will edit them all before they go live, I promise! If you’re interested. Here’s what I need:⠀

Start with “Hello, my name is ___ and this is the real M.E.”⠀

I’m then simply looking for you to speak for a minute or two about what your day-to-day life is like, warts and all. There’s no right or wrong thing to say.⠀

It might be describing your domestic routine. It might be about how you manage your illness when it comes to seeing friends and family. It may be, if you’re able to do some work, how you do it. Perhaps it’s a top-tip you have that could help others.⠀

By editing together a number of “Real” stories, I hope to create a picture of how M.E. affects different people in different ways.⠀

If you can help, I’d be most grateful, and am looking for a recording by Friday 19 April.