Wednesday 20 February 2019

National Love your Pet Day 2019

Today is 'National Love Your Pet Day' (according to the internet). So I thought I'd send you some love from my guinea pig Flop.

Flop loves his food and having a mad run around his cage, especially after you've cleaned him out, he's all very chatty and will run up to the cage door when you go into the room and he loves cuddles and when you go in his cage to feed him will nudge your hand for a stroke. The only thing he doesn't like is his claws being clipped.

We used to look after Flop and his brother Flip (though Flip is no longer with us) when his owners went away. His owners then got a dog who wasn't too keen on Flop so we got asked if we wanted to have him on a permeant basis.
When we first got him if you put him on the floor he'd just stand there; no he'll happily run around and he's getting more adventurous each day.

[Image description: pink heart background with a photo of a black, tan and white guinea pig. The word 'Flop' and decoration stickers dotted around]