Monday 31 December 2018

2019 goals and missions and my word for the year

So I'm not one for setting New Year's resolutions but there's some things that I would like to do more of and set myself to do next year:

  • Do my nails and make-up more often plus dress-up more
  • Keep up with my 'One Second Every Day' project (and remember to do it each day!)
  • Continue working on and growing my blog
  • Remember to put image descriptions on my blog and on my blog's social media accounts.
  • Grow my YouTube channel and improve my video making skills
  • Write reviews for Euan's Guide (online accessible places trip advisor)
  • Make it my mission to improve the accessibility of red cords using the red cord cards I've ordered fro Euan's Guide
  • Get into a better day and sleep routine
  • Remember to take all of my tablets correctly and on time
  • Get better at doing my physio exercises/stretches and 'Yoga for M.E.'
  • Keep my bedroom tidy and tidy up after myself (even if it requires a nap/breaks)
  • Keep up with my Warrior Beads project
  • Get back into my Bravery Bottles project
  • Look into going on a holiday with Revitalise (accessible holidays for people with disabilities)
  • Make Instagram stories and create highlights to document my year
  • Get better at sending out birthday cards
  • Keep on top of my emails!
There's more I'll probability add and develop as the year goes on.

2018 was also the year of 'gratitude' I pic a word to try and live by each year. i've been thinking a lot about what my next word will be and lately I've been feeling stuck and low which my health and funding for various things going no happening so I think my word for 2019 might be 'hope'.

[Image description: the word 'hope' written in black handwritten writing]