Monday 6 June 2022

My body is a medical play thing - A poem by me

My body is a medical play thing
medical students and junior doctors surround me
eager to learn

Prodding, poking and flexing my body
trying out things they'd learnt in university
physical exams on an unusual body

Practicing taking a complex medical history
question after question
fascinated with the answers

They surround my bed
disturbing my quiet
when I'd rather be left to be ill alone

It makes me feel that to them
that they have forgotten that I am a person
but instead one of their cadavers 

I've never really given writing poetry a go. At school I hated poetry as my dyslexic brain could never get words to rhyme. However I've been reading a lot of Hannah Hodgson's work and from her YouTube channel she's gotten me interested in poetry. Hannah has made me realise that poetry is more than rhyming it's about expression of our thoughts, feeling and experiences. Hannah writes a lot about her experience of illness and this poem (well I hope it is) is an expression of how I feel from my own experiences.