Friday 3 July 2020

REVIEW: Homemade reusable cotton pads

At first I was a bit unsure if reusable cotton pads would work but I thought I'd make a few to try out and I'd have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. They where also simple, quick and easy to make.

I've just used one I made earlier today to wash my face and it worked out really well. First I put on cleanser and I used the warm wet cotton pad to wipe it off and then I used and exfoliating face mask and I used the cotton pad to wash that off also.

The cotton pad cleaned well after using it and held together (I was worried it would fall apart). I have very sensitive skin and it was nice and gentle on my face when I was washing my face. What was also nice was that the cotton pad stayed warm as I cleaned my face.

What I might try to do is find some organic undyed cotton yarn to make some more.


I'm defiantly going to keep using them and I'm going to make some more.

They washed really well in the laundry and they stayed nice and soft.

They are great for washing your face or taking off cleaner or a face mask or exfoliator and they stay clean for a few uses as long as you rinse they out well and they them air dry. They only downside is that they're not good with liquids like toner and you ould be able to use them with products like nail polish remover so they don't totally irradiate your need for single use cotton pads.

All-in-all I would defiantly recommend them and if you look back to my last post which is this month's 'Monthly Make' you'll find the crochet pattern to make some yourself. The link to the post is here.