Tuesday 16 July 2019

Guinea Pig Appreciation Day 2019

Yep you heard it, today is guinea pig appreciation day so here's a post for you Flop.

Flop is my guinea pig. We used to look after him and his brother Flip (but Flip is no longer with us ☹)  but then Flop's owners got a dog who didn't get on well with Flop so we got asked if we wanted to adopt Flop.

Flop loves his veg. He has a little alarm clock and he starts weaking around 3pm for his fresh veg. I like how each day he had is different favourite like one day you could give him lettuce and cucumber and he'll go for the cucumber first then the next day you'll give him the same and he'll prefer the lettuce. He also loves munching on the grass. When you go and put him onto the grass he'll be leaning over your hand eating the grass before you manage to put him down! He also love his herb mix that I add into his dried pellet food. Like grass he'll be trying to eat it out my hand before I can put it in his bowl. And talking of his bowl he loves to drag it into into his house.

Flop also loves his time out of the cage. When you get him out for a cuddle he'll either splat himself out inbetween your legs or burrow himself into your arm and he'll be making little happy noises. He also likes having a run around the floor in the kitchen/diner floor.

He has a bit of an ASBO, usually for wrecking his house and for chewing newspaper, especially at mealtimes which my step-mum hates the sound of. When he's been cleaned out and put back into his cage he likes to have a mad 360ยบ run around his cage and move everything around.

I love Flop so much. He's very calming. When I'm getting stressed, having a cuddle with him and hearing him chatting away really calms me down and I love all his quirks, even the annoying ones.