Friday 6 April 2018

Distance Learning Courses

When I was volunteering at the local children's hospice I started a distance learning course to help me with my work. Sadly due to my seizures and health I've had to put my voluntary work on hold. However, I decided to keep up with my distance learning to give me something to do but also to help me ready for when I go back to the hospice or university or for just life in general.

The first course I did and hove now finished was 'Introduction to Caring for Children and Young People'. Today the learning materials for my next course arrived and the course I've chosen to study this time is 'Understanding Autism'.

There are lots of short courses to choose from and there are different modules to complete which have a deadline so it gives me a bit of motivation, and because of my health I get a few extra weeks and I can also get extensions too. I'm really looking forward to going and reading my books and on Monday I need to call up the office to get my deadlines but I'm going to start reading over the weekend and I'm really looking forward to understanding Autism more.