Sunday 16 June 2024

Product review: Fidget rings

As someone who deals with anxiety I really love my fidget rings. I prefer the design I’m wearing in the photo personally but there are other designs of fidget rings out there as well as fidget necklaces. 

What I love about fidget rings is that they’re a lot more discreet to use compared to other fidget items I’ve used in the past such as tangle toys; they’re also a bit more ‘grown up’ compared to fidget toys too. I can easily fidget with my ring and you’d hardly notice what I’m doing. Fiddling with my ring really does help as I find it helps to keep my hands occupied when I’m anxious and with my OCD I find it helps calm my compulsions which get worse when I’m anxious.

You can get many designs of fidget rings, I have this daisy one and another silver rainbow one and a gold one so I can pair them with my outfit of the day. The main places I’ve bought fidget rings from are Etsy and Calm Collective - If you buy from Calm Collective a portion of their sales goes towards supporting UK mental health charities too so good for you and good for the charities.

As well as fidget rings being good for anxiety disorders, they can help with other conditions such as ASD and ADHD as well as stopping habits like nail picking and biting.

I’d highly recommend fidget rings; if you’re looking around to buy them you can also search for anxiety rings as another name for them. They help in so many ways and there are so many different designs and styles out there including necklaces like I mentioned and you can buy them in many different sizes including some styles and sizes for men. They are hugely beneficial and look lovely at the same time.