Tuesday 17 November 2020

Positivity Series: Part 2 - Things that help me stay positive

Finding positives in the negatives

So the big negative in my life is being chronically ill and I'm not ashamed to say that. It's held me back from doing a lot of things and makes simple things not quite so simple. But equally there are so many positives too. I have received some great care, this, my blog which I never would have done if I hadn't have become ill - the same goes for my YouTube channel. I would never have met some of the amazing people and friends that I have in my life now if I hadn't of become ill. If I take a negative for example I'm in pain I can still find positives within that such as access to medication, the ability the text a friend or having help and support from my Dad or PA. 

Finding the little positives

A man with his back to the camera with brown hair and a grey coat waving in the street to a caucasian woman with long brown hair wearing a red coat

Life isn't filled with positives, especially big positives and when I've had a bad day or a bad week whether it be to do with my health or not it leaves me in a really negative headspace. So looking for the little positives even if it's just one or two tiny things takes me out of that negative headspace. And I can grantee you that positive things do exist however small like someone waving to you and saying hello in the street.or a text or a letter from a friend or a looking at a beautiful sunset.

Make a positive list

Writing a positive list can help you to identify all the positive things that you've experienced that day or that week no matter how big or small and that list is unique to you. What is positive for one person may be different for another. For most people being able to leave the house isn't significant but for me it's a huge positive.

Letter writing

A red post box with a hand putting a handful of letter into the post box
I get so much joy out of creating letters and equally receiving a letter and it brings me so much positivity. I love hearing from my friends and pen pals and it's a good escapism to read a letter and it gives me that outside world contact.

Some of my pen pals have become really good friends and what's positive that comes through our conversations is that those who do have health problems we can talk about that but equally with all my pen pals most of the time talk about "normal" things too like our pets, what we've been watching on TV, books we are into or current craft projects. It's nice that health, or illness, isn't at the centre and that is a real positive for me as it just gives me a break from thinking about my own health.