Monday 3 February 2020

2019's One Second Every Day Video [CC]

So last year I did a project called One Second Every Day.

Each day I captured a one second video clip or photograph of something I did that day. Being housebound and not being well of the summer and coming into hospital in October my life isn't that interesting but looking back it did prompt some positive memories and there are a lot of cute clips of Flop (my guinea pig). And just a note from the intro clip, my life is a lot more interesting than making cups of tea and writing letters!

Looking back I realised how medicalised my life had become. Obviously I can't delete that part of my life (though I wish I could), but this year, 2020, I'm making much more of an effort in lots of ways to reduce the medicalisation of my life and focus on the other parts of who I am such as on social media (such as having a massive declutter on Instagram), on my blog and with this year's One Second Every Day video clips.

The video on YouTube can be found here.