Tuesday 14 December 2021

Low Level Activities

When you have a limited supply of energy it can be difficult at times because you want something to do to occupy yourself but you may lack physical or cognitive energy to do certain activities. I find myself in tis situation a lot as well as building low level activities into my daily plan so I'm doing more restful low level activities alongside actives that take up more of my energy.

So here are some low level activities I find help to fill my day.


I find reading a little more challenging as it requires more concentration so audiobooks have opened up a whole new world to me and made me fall in love with books again. There is a lot of audiobooks out there in a wide range of genres and I find it really enjoyable to lay in bed listening to a book.

If you struggle to access books because of you're disability you may be consider to have a 'print disability' alongside those who are blind and visually impaired. This may give you access to the RNIB Library and Calibre audiobook library though an app called Easy Reader. This is how I get my audiobooks and it's great that I can access audiobooks for free. Alternatively there are lots of different audiobook subscription services out there now with more people wanting to access audiobooks. 


A black woman laid on a sofa reading a book
If books are accessible to you this is another low level activity and depending on your ability you could just put 10 minutes aside to read. I find trying to get a variety of different activities in my day helps me as my mind and body aren't overdoing in on one type of activity. But if you love books you can spend as much time as you wish reading.

Some areas may offer a home library service and volunteers can find the sort of books you like and bring them to your home for you if you are not able to visit the library yourself and this can help bring down the cost of buying books as well as finding room for your books.


Podcasts I quite enjoy listening to as I find them so informative and I like the wide variety of podcasts that are out there. There is such a wide variety of podcasts out there on a wide verity of genres, for documentaries, educational, mini fiction series, current affairs and chatty style podcasts and everything in between! There really is a podcast for everyone.

I get my podcasts from BBC Sounds and Apple Podcasts and currently I'm subscribed to Audible so there's podcasts on there too.

An adults hand colouring an image

Colouring is a good low key energy as you can break the activity down and just spend small amounts of time and finish the image bit-by-it. There's also such a wide range of colouring books out there; some with more complex images than others. You can also get colour-in stickers or postcards.

Activity books

There's a wide range of activity books out there from word search books, criss cross, sudoko to more creative activity books like sticker-by-numbers. Like colouring you can break the activity down and just do one word search puzzle or part of a sticker-by-numbers image. 

A man's hand wearing a long sleeve striped top working on a jigsaw puzzle on a wooden table top
Jigsaw puzzles

If you're able to jigsaw puzzles are a great low level activity and like with some of the other activities mentioned above you can slowly work on jigsaw puzzles until it is completed. You can also get a range of difficulties from 100 piece jigsaw puzzle to ones with 1,000 pieces.

I'd recommend to start small and to work your way up. If you find you enjoy jigsaw puzzles it might be worth getting a puzzle board so you can store the jigsaw puzzle you're in the middle of working on.


I would personally consider Pinterest a low level activity. You can build boards on different topics based on your interests. One activity I'd defiantly recommend doing on Pinterest is building your dream home with no limitations or restrictions. As a suggestion you can create your 'Dream Home' board and have a section for each room of your dream home and you can spend ages designing all the things you'd love to have.