Saturday 7 September 2019

Migraine Essentials // UK Migraine Awareness Week 2019

I've written about migraines before but that was more of an info/awareness post so because of my frequent migraines I thought I'd write a list of some of my personal migraines essentials which you might find helpful.

Everyone's unique and have their own personal essentials and tips and tricks but here are a few of mine...
  1. Dimmable lights 
  2. Cooling forehead pad/cold wet flannel or forehead roll-ons
  3. Eye masks - I either use a cotton or I have another which has a gel insert which I can pop in the fridge
  4. Comfortable noise cancelling headphones or ear defenders/ear plugs
  5. Whatever medication you need and take for your migraines and for pain relief and anti-sickness
  6. Big tumbler of water/juice to keep your fluid intake up and with ice cubes in
  7. Plenty of cushions and pillows to get you into a comfortable and supportive position
  8. Pjs, (because they're more comfortable and lighter to wear)
  9. Just-in-case sick bag/bowl 
  10. Having your phone nearby
  11. Communication cards - I get mine from © Stickman Communications 
  12. Cooling air fan
  13. Something easy to do which can help distract you like listening to a podcast or audiobook on the lowest volume.
  14. Rehydration solution
  15. Snacks as I find this easier than big meals, cold things like ice lollies or sorbet are especially nice
[Purple background with purple text saying 'Migraine Essentials' and a collage
of different items from the list including a lady with a flannel on her forehead,
a drink tumbler, headphones, an ice lolly, and iPod, an air fan, a gel insert eye
mask, pyjamas and a man reaching for a mobile phone next to his bed.]