Sunday 5 August 2018


Guest poem by published poet Emily in commemorationof the centenary year of the Suffragettes who finally succeeded in their mission to get the vote.

Emily's poems are published in a book called 'Ballerina' which is published by Tomser Cat publishers, a link can be found here.

"In commemoration to all those who defended my voice,
long before I could speak"...

Suffragette I'll stand beside you. Speak when you're too worn when countries burden you when history re-writes your legacy, I will stand in your stead. Lead those into unity Hold composure and while others turn and forget I will always speak of your victories. I will carry you on my voice, as my strength and my memory. Though your politics, your leaders And your own might discriminate I refuse to cover, turn my back on you. One torch might burn in dark solitude But if held high It can spark the actions of millions.