Friday 20 July 2018

Trip out to The Range

So ever since my birthday on the 17th June Dad has been promising me that he'd take me the The Range for coffee and to browse all their craft stuff and finally yesterday (19th July) we went.
I had a few things on my 'to buy' list like water brushes (I actually found watch I was looking for in a cheaper version) for watercolour painting (I got some watercolour pallets from Dad for my birthday) and some sponges for painting and adding texture. I also needed a new messy mat as I'm not sure where mine has got too. I also needed more envelopes, address stickers, glue and clear tape.
Going round I spotted a new collection of craft bits called 'Moroccan Haze' and I haven't done any folded out letter in a while as I ran out of 12"x12" paper so I put some of that in my basket along with some matching supples like stickers, washi tape and ribbon.
Apart from the matching washi tape I refrained from buying any more washi tape as I have loads at the moment. I also bought some stickers but again I restricted myself as I have quite a lot at the moment that I want to use up first. I also found some pearlescent spray paint which I thought would be nice to add a bit of shimmer to my paintings.
I enjoy going to The Range as there's always new things that they're putting on the shelves.
After I shopped myself out Dad and I went to the cafe and got  two coffee's which we drank and I went through my basket and took out what on second thought I didn't need.

I was tired when I got home but pleased with my purchases and I chilled out making a letter for one of my pen pals.

[Image description: items bought from The Range including patterned paper, stickers, table mat, paint brushes, painting spongers, tape and glue sticks]