Kindness Card project

Inspired by Jodi and her 'One Million Lovely Letters' project sparked by her wanting to spread joy and love when she was struggling with depression I would like to do something similar. I love sending letters to friends and pen pals and being part of the Chronic Warrior Collective's card swap.

For me I get so much joy out of writing to people and making each letter or card I send utterly unique. Equally receiving mail fills me with love and gratitude at the thought of what went into what I have received and I love putting what I receive up on my giant notice board next to my bed. With my health I often have spend a lot of time on my bed so looking at what is up on my notice board never fails to make me feel loved and thought of.

I would love to follow in Jodi's footsteps and send mail out to others who are struggling physically or emotionally or are just facing a challenge in their life and are in need of something to brighten up their day. 

My notice board at home
I can't guarantee how long it will take me to write to you due to my own health problems but I hope this project will help give me a sense of purpose in life and to also share the joy of receiving something lovely through the letter box.

Due to this project currently being self-funded I currently can only accept requests for letters within the UK but I hope in time that I can write to people all over the world.

How to apply

If you would like to receive a letter please email me at

Please include your name, age, address, a little about yourself such as likes so I can make your card personal and unique to you and any other relevant information also.