Saturday, 27 March 2021

Review: Bad Science

Bad Science Bad Science by Ben Goldacre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed listening to this book (it's been one I've wanting to read/listen to for a while) and it was nice to take a break from my usual genre of books that I've been listening to lately. This book is quite fun and very informative and well written. The author Ben Goldacre does a really good job of talking about quite scientific and medical information in a way that everybody can understand especially statistics and research findings. He covers a number of topics in this book and goes into quite a lot of detail and I feel shares a balances view to inform readers so they can make up their own mind about things. He obviously has his own strong opinion hence why he covers those things in this book but I felt like he wasn't forcing me to agree with him though sometimes I felt he was too forceful in his option especially his opposition to homeopathy and Nutritionist [people who work as]. He covers covered in detail the MMR vaccine and writes about those who oppose the vaccine, the positives and need to vaccinate, research and statistics around the vaccine the debate around autism and the MMR vaccine etc. Even though these are all quite heavy topics and have a lot of division in opinion Ben Goldacre writes in an amusing and user-friendly way so that this book appeals to all people. I also like his devision and break-down of the contents of the book.

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