Monday, 14 October 2019

NICPM Update: 14th October 2019

So just to start off I won't be doing weekly updates as a) my health is so up and down and b) I'll be very busy with my care whilst I'm here and I want to focus on that most importantly.

So I arrived here on Thursday 10th October. The first few weeks here are me just settling in and the staff get to know me and my needs and how I normally function.

Friday wasn't the best day. I had a prolonged seizure in the shower (yep my brain picks some really great timings!) and they had the call for an ambulance and the paramedics treated me and the nurses appallingly, but one of the staff members is going to make a complaint and they said they'd support me to make one too.

The weekend was quite quiet. I managed to write a couple of letters. On Saturday I met with one of the hospital chaplains. One of the nurses also helped me unpack so I feel a bit more settled in. I wasn't well yesterday; I had a horrendous migraine and I'm still feel ill today (Monday) and I've found it hard to eat today.

One things that has been really nice is another patient sent me a card to say hello which was really sweet of her.

Today has been busy and quite overwhelming, especially as I wasn't told of what would be happening today which is something that helps me.

So today I've had a chat with the Dr - I've seen two of the Drs in my care team so far and they've been having little chats with me finding out about me, my needs, history, what symptoms are the most problematic for me at the moment etc.

I've also met with the dietician which was the main thing I wanted to happen this week as my meals have been a bit repetitive and limited, plus I needed to sort out my nutritional supplements,

Also today I've have a whole bunch of bloods taken as well as an ECG.

One of the things they do here is each day I'm allocated a key worker and I get given some 1:1 time with them to do what I want.

This evening I've just asked for a bit of quiet down time so I'm just sat updating my blog with my new zebra hotter bottle.

In my room I have a giant notice board like I have at home an I packed my jazzy push pins.

During the week each day they have a group activity. The student nurse today for the group activity was to have a bit of a pamper with homemade face masks which I've never done before. I wasn't up to joining people in the lounge so the student nurse came to my room and helped me put the face mask on and then wash it off.

Here they have a very holistic approach. I feel a nuisance calling the buzzer even for small things but the staff are fine with it and so far all the staff have been amazing and so supportive and it's nice to have the care an support and to not be struggling with even basic tasks.

I'll try and keep you updated as much as possible but as I said at the beginning my main focus is on my treatment here.

Bye for now.