Monday, 16 September 2019

One Second Every Day - September: Week 2 // 2019

Monday 9th September

Had a mail writing session today. I've gotten a bit behind so I'm trying to catch up. Also worked on my blog putting some post together and creating some graphic and shout out for guest posts so I'm not leaving it too late.
I've also made a start on taking things off my notice board. It looks so bare but it will be nice to see it fill up again.

Tuesday 10th September

Had a seizure this morning and though my brother tried to help he did the worst thing possible and held me down so I'm in extra pain.
That took me out for the rest of that day.

Wednesday 11th September

Forgot to set my alarm but my medication alarm woke me up so I woke up with plenty of time to get ready for my appointment.
My appointment went well. It was my counselling session today and my counsellor has been doing some emotions work with me as I find it hard to name my thoughts and feelings and she gave me some homework sheets which I like having at hand to do when I'm struggling.
After my appointment I got some lunch. I've found today difficult and having my brother at home has been extra challenging today. I've just wanted a day where I can curl up on the sofa like I normally do, especially when I'm struggling, with a nice quiet house to myself but I couldn't and I just felt cooped up in my bedroom and I couldn't sit in the sunroom, even though I love that room, because I needed to be laid down because of my orthostatic intolerance (basically my body functions better when horizontal).
I'm now in bed and I just want to sleep. I'm crying because I'm tired and I'm pain and it's been a hard day and I don't like changes to my routine (my brother being here messes everything up, though at least he's been quieter today).

Thursday 12th September

Managed to wake-up sort of on schedule today and I got ready on time for my dietician appointment. I wasn't quite sure why I was seeing the dietician but for the first time ever they've found me a completely milk free supplement drink so not more having to be maxed out on benadryl all the time. Hopefully they'll taste okay and I can freeze them as when I'm ill I can't even sip on the drinks but I've discovered having then as ice lollies I can tolerate them.

Friday 13th September

Today me and my brother went ta a family member house for tea. They did really well at catering for me and I had a nice time. We had tea and then we played a game. I felt really spaced out and couldn't focus my eyes and my brain had turned to candy floss. Later at 10pm I realised that I'd taken my night time medication with my 6pm medication - big oops! (And it's not the first time I've done that). So when I got home I settled straight into bed.

Saturday 14th September

Woke up feeling rubbish, probably because of my medication error yesterday so I had different levels of medication in my body and my body was out of sync. So today had been a curl up on the sofa kind of day.
I've been wanting this eyeshadow palette (my makeup collection is slowly growing; I must have swapped buying craft stuff for makeup!). It's the brand Revolution which my stepsister introduced to me and she told me about how they do this mystery bag offers where you get £26 worth of products. So I got my eyeshadow palette and I also needed some primer and body scrub. I'm excited for my order to come as I'm interested to see what mystery products I'll get.

Sunday 15th September

Still feeling rough from yesterday's poorly day. Looking forward to Bluebird coming tomorrow and having a nice shower and hair wash.
My migraine is really bad today with pain the base of my neck, the head pain, auras and anti-sickness medication having little effect. Thankfully it's eased off now. I've kept onto of taking pain relief and my Sumatriptan and I had a nap too.
I'm now in my pj's and ready for bed.

Video description

  • Monday: A card with the date in purple and my hand writing 'Dear Gina'
  • Tuesday: A digital clock with turquouse surround and three buttons. The time goes from 9.59am to 10am with an alarm going off at 10am
  • Wednesday: Opening the draw of my Birchbox which has a floral decoration ad the draw is blue revealing the contents
  • Thursday: Opening a letter with a letter opener. The envelope has some pretty floral tape and stickers on.
  • Friday: Turning on a tap which has a pretty waterfall design.
  • Saturday: Putting drops of essential oil which is in a blue bottle into my white aromatherapy diffuser
  • Sunday: Shaking up a bottle of tincture which is in a brown glass bottle