Tuesday 10 September 2019

One Second Every Day - September: Week 1 // 2019

Sunday 1st September 

Because of my meltdown last night I forgot my night meds last night. So I woke up feeling awful like I do when I forget my night meds plus PEM from Friday is kicking in so I've just been so ill and rubbish today.
I've been in my pj's all day have the odd nap on the sofa and I found a bit of energy to do some drawing. Flop also enjoyed a munch on the grass and got grumpy when I had to bring him inside when it started to rain.
When my carer came this evening se changed my bedding for me and she suggested about getting a shower to make me feel a bit better so we did that and I'm in clean pj's. I feel tired out but I'm looking forward to feeling freshened up after my shower and getting into bed with clean pj's and bedding.

Monday 2nd September

Quite comfy clothes day in. Did some blogging but I mostly didn't/couldn't do much due to a bad migraine.

Tuesday 3rd September

Still felt a bit headachey but I had a MDT meeting and cancelling wasn't an option as it would have messed up a lot of people's diaries.
When I got home I had an hour to have lunch and recharge before my carer came.
Apart from medical related things I haven't left the house in a while and I really needed to get some errands done. Picked up some toiletries from Superdrug but they didn't have in the eyeshadow palette I wanted, but I've got plenty of makeup to keep me going.
Most important stop was Specsavers to update my prescription in my sunglasses (yes I know summer is over but when you're photosensitive sunglasses are a year round essential).
We had time for a quick coffee before heading home.
I'm now shattered, looking forward to a day off tomorrow, (though I'm unsure how much quiet I'd get with my brother staying over). I have tummy ache from the coke Dad bought (why the heck does coke need barley malt extract?!) and my migraine headache is flaring up again (probably not helped by gluten).

Wednesday 4th September

Had a nice lay in and I'm enjoying having an appointment free day. Feeling quite fatigued and my my pain is a dull ache in my nerves, joints and muscles which is sometimes worse as it just sits there in the background but it's not bad enough to take something for it. I which I had a giant heat pad. I used to have a heated blanket but after the 3rd replacement broke in the same way I decided as much as loved it that was a faulty product design.
After tea my stempmum and  played a few rounds of Rumikub which was nice.
I'm not just tucked up in bed still with my migraine.

Thursday 5th September

Had an appointment with my autism support worker today. It was nice to have someone to talk to but also be free to ask questions which I daren't ask other people like "what's does it mean when a person is 'warm'" (not relating to the temperature of a person). We're also going to create a 'Hospital Passport'.
I had a rest when I got back and then I sat and replied to a few letters.
My stepsister came round for tea and after we played some games including Codenames which I love.
After chatting for a bit I started getting ready for bed but I'm struggling to sleep and I'm not sure if it's because I haven't have a 'proper' rest/nap and I'm over-tired?

Friday 6th September

Had another appointment today. Patient transport picked me up and took me to and orthotics appointment to get fitted with some new shoe orthotics.
Home and I had a rest for a bit before tea. After tea we had a game of Monopoly which I enjoyed but it got difficult and frustrating towards the end as I was tired and brain fogged and could think or concentrate well and my seizures where playing up. It was still nice to have family time though.

Saturday 7th September

Had a long lay-in this morning and spent the rest of the morning in my pj's. The rest of the day was uneventful and I just spent it trying to recharge.

Sunday 8th September

My brother has been an an annoying state today. He's used to people and doing things so feeling a bit cooped up in the house. I'm quite the opposite to him and more like my Dad. We both like the quiet and are happy at home.
I did a bit of blogging today. I'm working on a post about 'Pacing, Activity Managment and Rest'.
My bedtime routine has completely been forgotten about and I seriously need to get back into it.

Video Description

Monthly opening page. A green background decorated with digital stickers such as a sloth, rocket, whale, coffee pot and cactus, and September in purple writing.
  • Sunday 1st: Flop munching on some food
  • Monday 2nd: Pressing buttons on the TV remote
  • Tuesday 3rd: Stirring and tapping my spoon on the edge of the cup
  • Wednesday 4th: Bagel popping up out of the toaster
  • Thursday 5th: Spreading margarine on some toast
  • Friday 6th: Monopoly board with dice, houses and playing cards
  • Saturday 7th: Spread of postcards including some Pantone colour postcards, tourist postcards, an illustrated postcard with plants on and a handmade postcard
  • Sunday 8th: Time lapse video of something going through the laminator