Monday 19 August 2019

One Second Every Day - August: Week 3 // 2019

Monday 12th August

Still feeling crashed out. I managed to write one more letter to a pen pal ready to go off to the Post Office tomorrow. Because of my crash I've gotten behind with replying to my pen pals but they've all been really understanding and let me know not to worry and to take the time I need. I just have one more letter to reply to but I won't get it done for tomorrow. Once I've gotten my pen pal reply done I'm going to get back into PostCrossing as I haven't done any postcards for a while.

Tuesday 13th August

Had my carer today and had a nice shower and hair wash. A luxury for some people with disabilities like myself. I mentioned this to my carer and she said that before she started working as a carer she didn't think about taking a shower, but now working with people who struggle with basic things like showers she now thinks more about her ability to get a shower so easily etc.
Letters went off to the Post Office today. I feel better now that I'm slowly catching up with replies.
I'm still pretty crashed and my headache/migraine is still persisting and has done for a few weeks now.
This evening I decided to do a bit of PostCrossing and I've got some postcards done. It was an easier activity than writing a pen pal letter and it was nice to use my energy not laid in bed watching TV and even though it took a lot of energy from me I remembered to leave some spare energy to tidy up and doing it in the evening meant that tiring myself will hopefully mean I can sleep okay tonight.

Wednesday 14th August

Still feeling utterly crashed and people have said to me how tired I look. I'm literally so tired I feel ill. Thankfully I have nothing in my diary for the rest of the week so I can lay in and just rest and recover. I'm really not looking forward to next week and the week after which as super busy inc two appointments in London. If I could rearrange them I would but they're not appointments I can just reschedule like I've done with a few other appointments.
I've been spending more time in bed. Rather than watch TV on my laptop which takes more concentration than you think I spent some time writing postcards with the radio on which was nice and I remembered to leave some spare energy to tidy up.
I've just done a load of clearing out on my laptop and now I'm ready to get into my pj's and hope sleep comes soon.

Thursday 15th August

Had a nice lay in and a quiet comfy clothes day just resting and recharging on the sofa.
I really need to try and sort out my bedtime routine so around 8/8.30pm I headed up to bed, washed my face and got into my pj's then sat in bed and did a few word puzzles instead of watching seething on my laptop and then I put on an audiobook which I've been trying to get back into doing when nodding off.

Friday 16th August

I managed to get off to sleep okay and I sleep well. I had another lay in trying to get as much rest as possible.
I spent most of the day on my bed. My new pens and black paper arrived and I spent some time doodling and it was nice to not have a green in front of me.
At bedtime I went on ahead with my new routine that I'm trying to get into.

Saturday 17th August

Woke up; as usual it took a while from waking to getting out of bed. Made my way downstairs. Had my medication and breakfast. My stepmum then suggested I go back to bed which I did and my watch vibrating for 12pm woke me up. Still tired I decided to not go back to bed but I went downstairs.
Spent the afternoon resting, flicking between activities on my laptop. On reflection I spent far too long on my laptop doing stuff and I tired myself out. 
After tea I watched a programme on TV and was nodding off.
Then in perseverance of my new bedtime routine I headed up to bed.

Sunday 18th August

Had quite a long lay in this morning. I found getting off to sleep harder last night due to pain and my pain still isn't great now.
I'm trying to remind myself of celebrating the little victories, which are actually big victories: getting out of bed, getting dressed etc.
Today I'm going to aim to spend some time not in front of a screen.
So I did that. I sat outside for a while and replied to a letter and did some doodling.
I then completely crashed. I felt so tired and ill I wanted to cry but I was too tired to cry and because I was so exhausted I was in pain. I found an easy watching film and put that on and laid under a blanket.
After tea I finished off the programme I was watching and headed to bed but pain made it hard to get off to sleep but eventually I nodded off.

Video Description

  • Monday: Feeding Flop a bit of beetroot leaf
  • Tuesday: Sticking down an Air Mail sticker on a postcard
  • Wednesday: A colourful pack of pens; I take out a purple pen
  • Thursday: Video of a flickering cracking mini candle
  • Friday: Working on a Criss Cross word puzzle
  • Saturday: The screen on my laptop with text being highlighted in lilac
  • Sunday: A piece of black card with the word 'hello' in colourful bright letters and around the text are colourful doodles and I am drawing