Friday, 26 July 2019

Appointment with Professor Edwards // July 2019

I had another appointment with Professor Edwards this week. I see him every 6 months. He's my neurologist and he's specialises in FND (Functional Neurological Disorder); he's based at St. George's Hospital in London.

He's really lovely, understanding and easy to talk to. He's glad I've now got funding for the neuro rehab in London and he's going to speak with the CCG to extend the funding hold for longer than 6 months as we can't afford to wait to have to reapply if I don't get a bed by October.

I took to my appointment to main symptoms that have been bothering me (rather than all my symptoms as we'd be there for hours). I said my speech has become more difficult as has my memory loss and cognitive function. I also brought up that my headaches and migraines have been worse. Another thing I said I was having issues with was my medication so he's going to speak with my GP so hopefully I can get my diazepam re-prescribed as I wasn't needing so many ambulances when I had that. I also spoke about the social and emotional struggles and how I'm really struggling to get a care packages and I'd like to eventually move into a my own place with a care package so he's going to try and get me a social worker who can try and sort things out but who I can also talk to.

The main thing though is getting me to Leeds who will help me with symptom management, and try and lessen some of my symptoms or the severity of them or just help me manage them better.