Thursday, 30 May 2019

GUEST POST by Lucy* for EDS/HSD Awareness Month

Over the last 2 years I would say that my health has deteriorated. One of my biggest fears is that this will continue over time and I will get to the point where I end up having arthiritis in my older years. I fear that one day I will loose my mobility completely to a point I need a wheelchair or a walking aid full time. I know people will always say 'oh it won’t get to that', but in all honesty nobody actually does know. Only recently I genuinely could not move any part of my body because I walked for 1 hour the day prior. Obviously I hope it doesn’t come to that but it does play on my mind. Especially after seeing and speaking to others who have similar Hypermobility experiences who are in wheelchairs etc it is so hard to not think otherwise.
Another fear I have is missing a bigger illness. I experience so many random pains and aches everyday. I get new pains all the time, looking back a few years ago I never had fluid in my knees, consistent lumbar back pain, swollen hips but I do now. What if a bigger illness comes about but I do not notice it because I think its part of my hypermobility?
Lastly my other fear is going through pregnancy. I have heard so many bad experiences. With back pain like this imagine what it will be like through pregnancy when it is supposed to be bad. Imagine what my already swollen feet and swollen knees will be like when you are pregnant and those symptoms are supposed to happen. What would I do without painkillers, I think I will probably cry everyday. How can something that is supposed to be so special and exciting be so scary and nerve-wrecking.
From, Lucy* aka @hypermobility_