Monday, 15 April 2019

One Second Every Day - April: Week 2

So I've been so busy with World FND Week this week that I've forgotten to keep a journal this week, but here's this week's One Second Every Day video...

It's been a typical FND week including a day spent in bed unable to move because I was in so much pain, plenty of seizures, naps, crawling and bum suffling around because my legs decided to play up and even a trip to A&E and that's not all of it!

Video description:
  • Monday: Using the remote to my bed
  • Tuesday: Opening a parcel
  • Wednesday: Flop my guinea pig reaching up for food
  • Thursday: Turning on my laptop
  • Friday: Colouring in a postcard
  • Saturday: Flop run-in around on the floor
  • Sunday: Placing items in my sand tray that I use for self-care