Monday 18 March 2019

One Second Every Day - March: Week 3

Monday 11th March

Really not feeling myself today. Tired, in pain and feeling low. Had my carer for a couple of hours. 
Spent the rest of the day just trying to look after myself as best I can.

Tuesday 12th March

I was meant to have my carer's for ½ an hour today but I wasn't feeling well physically and emotionally so I cancelled.
I've hardly done much today and my spoon count (see Spoon Theory) was very depleted today and most of my energy went into having a bath
I did manage to write a couple of PostCrossing postcards as a distraction.

Wednesday 13th March

Had a nice quiet recharging day and nothing much to it.
In the evening Dad, Mandy and I watched two episodes of 'Cheat' which I'm really enjoying as we didn't get to watch it the night before.

Thursday 14th March

Had my Bluebird visit today which helped lift my mood a bit. I recently had 3 new carers to my care team and one of them has become my main carer and we get on really well, plus she can braid hair.
I also called the Distance Learning Team to get my deadlines for my course so I did a bit of studying to get started.

Friday 15th March

Woke up and thought it was Saturday. Took me over an hour to get out of bed today.
Did my usual morning routine and actually got dressed before midday (little victories despite the spoons it took).
Watched TV for a bit. Struggling with concentration today so I've flitted through watching TV, laptop stuff, reading two parts of my distance learning course and writing a letter.
It was just Dad and I again this evening and I managed to concentrate for the film tough we had a break in between. It was a film called 'Sully' and it was about the plane that landed in the Hudson River in New York.
I've just finished off the part of work I was working on. It's now 9.15pm so I'm going to leave studying for n 

Saturday 16th March

Woke up okay-ish.
Like yesterday I flirted between doing different things again.
Not a very exciting day. 

Sunday 17th March

Didn't feel confident enough to go to church.
Washed TV most of the day; feeling a bit flu-like. Managed to get some studying done.
Evening wasn't too great with lots of seizures.