Monday, 18 February 2019

One Second Every Day - February Week 3

Monday 11th February

Chilled out this morning trying to get myself into day mode. Flop and I had morning cuddles and he was very chatty.
At 12.30pm my carer came and then at 4pm my support workers from L&H came.
I was quite tired after so I just chilled out. I got my packed lunch and bag ready for London tomorrow and had an early night.

Tuesday 12th February

Up at 8am, so not too early. Ensured I had everything with me.
TASL (patient transport) came at 10.30am. Uneventful journey there. Stop off at Peterborough for the loo and diet coke and coffee.
Was a bit late arriving at UCLH but it was all okay. I was expecting to have a bladder pressure scan but instead it was an ultrasound. I got a bit panicky but she was lovely and understanding of my PTSD and just did a scan of my abdomen which the results was all okay.
The TASL crew was waiting when I came out. Luckily I one tot get a coffee on the way out and my gastro dr called me whist I was getting my coffee. She called me yesterday and she said she's call me to give me a prescription today so she caught me just in time. We sat in the main atrium and waited for her to come. Prescription in hand we didn't need to got to the hospital pharmacy so we could just head off home.
I had a few tonic-clonic seizures whilst we was driving out of London and my myoclonic seizures carried on for quite a while so I took some diazepam (which I rarely take; this was the fist I'd had to take it this year) to calm things down.
I slept/dozed most of the way back home listening to episodes of Bones except for a stop at Peterborough again for the loo and I got a free hot chocolate using up my Costa points.
Home and then straight to bed.

Wednesday 13th February

Struggled to get up this morning.
The lady from the Red Cross came round this morning for a chat.
I then got busy with sorting things out on my laptop and making phonically that I forgot about the time.
At 2.15pm my carer came for ½ an hour. We took my prescription that I got yesterday to the GP surgery, they hadn't;t received the email about my ECG yet so I need to call back in a day or two. We then went to the post office to post a stack of letters and to buy stamps.
Back home I got a snack and had a rest.
I've spent the evening typing some replies to letters. I've put one letter together and the rest I'll do tomorrow.
I'm now settled in bed and hope to get off to sleep soon as part of my bedtime routine.

Thursday 14th February 

Had my carer come at 11.30am this morning for a few hours. Had several seizures and it was a new carer but she seemed to mange things okay.
I was quite tired after so I watched some TV on the sofa and had something to eat and then migrated upstairs.
I was planning of typing some more letters but fatigue and M.E. had other ideas so been laid flat in bed watching episodes of Bones in a dime lit bedroom; even the thought of the smell of my aromatherapy diffuser feels too much but I might still put it on at bedtime.
I have Shetland and Silent Witness to catch up on so I may watch one of them instead before heading to bed (it's currently 8.37pm).
Hopefully I will sleep well tonight.

Friday 15th February

Had a quiet day in today.
Cleaned Flop out. Mandy accidentally bout straw bedding instead of wood shavings she he's a little bit curious about that.
Had an afternoon sleep. Something I've not been doing as much (though still having 'neurological rests' every day) since I've been starting my supplements prescribed by Dr Sally.
I then had a bath and having my bath lift is making life a lot easier.
This evening we watched a really good film called the "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society".
I then headed to bed and trying hard with my sleep routine I put on an audiobook instead of a TV programme and I  nodded of pretty quick.

Saturday 16th February

Got up okay-ish this morning. Did my usual morning routine and it now just gone 12pm and I'm dressed already! 
I've been meaning to do my nails for a while and though I got distracted for a while I finally got round to doing them I've used and Oxblood colour with copper glitter tips.
This evening I've been feeling quite dizzy and briefly fainted so I just laid in bed with my laptop.

Sunday 17th February

This morning I practised y make-up skills and I made it out to church today!
I was exhausted when I got home so had a lay down and then I got something to eat.
This afternoon/evening I spent time on my laptop setting up a Facebook group called 'Chronic Pen Pals'.
I'm now shattered and ready to bed and I'm sticking to my bed time and listening to an audiobook.
I've not waned to jinx it but this week I have finally managed to take ALL of my medication/supplements on time (more or less, some doses have been a little delayed but I'm getting there; I'm most please about remembering my empty stomach tablets which I struggle to remember to set the timer on my watch for to take and hour after eating). Hopefully next week will be even better. Now to take my 10pm meds (it's 10.08pm), finish this post, publish it, take off my make-up, put on my aromatherapy diffuser, and listen to an audiobook. 
(Actually, I'll finish this post  off tomorrow and head to bed).

Video description:
Monday: Flop (who has a black, tan and white coat) sat on my lap being stroked
Tuesday: View of a clinic room and an ultrasound machine
Wednesday: A letter coming out of the printer
Thursday A cup of herbal tea being stirred
Friday: Flop greeting me at his open cage door
Saturday: My tablet box time going from 9:59am to 10am
Sunday: A colourful eyeshadow palette and me holding a make up brush