Monday, 31 December 2018

One Second Every Day: December 2018 - Week 5

  • Monday 24th December - Paced myself today but had a few things on my to-do list. I cleaned out Flop and I did my nails with Shellac. My cousin Becka and her husband Tom are staying for a few days and they arrived this evening. Then my Uncle Mark and his girlfriend Holy came round and so did my Uncle Paul and Auntie Judith and we played some board games which is two to the things I enjoy most about Christmas - family and playing games. Apart from uncle Mark and Holly all out other family live away in various parts of the country so we've never seemed them very often and Christmas is the time of year where I get to see everyone (My Auntie Wendy, Uncle Alan and cousin Owen are coming at New Year).
  • Tuesday 25th December - Up early as family came round for 9am to open presents. I started to eel a bit off so Dad got me into bed and I went back to sleep for a few hours. Mandy was at work for a few hours today. I got some lovely gifts. During the day I just chilled out and watched TV. In the evening family came round and we played some games. Unfortunately I had a few seizures which I had no warning of which has been happening more lately. When I can round my brain was a bit scrambled so I just sat and watched some easy watching TV and Gracie my cousin's mini (literally) dog kept me company which was the best medicine. One of my favourite presents was an aromatherapy diffuser. You put water and essential oil in it and it sends out a scented mist which makes the whole room small lovely. It also has a light function so you can either have it as a colour changing light or as a set colour (or off if you don't want it on).
  • Wednesday 26th December - Slept in recovering from yesterday. In a bit of pain and I'm feeling tired. Dad and Wes have gone to Leeds to watch the football so the hose was nice and calm which was nice. Mandy and I watch some TV together and then I had a nap on the sofa and then watched a film. I then got out of my scruffy/comfy day clothes and put on some make-up which I've been meaning to do for the past few days. Sandra (Mandy's mum) came round and Dad and Wes got home and we had tea. We then spent the evening playing games including Bananagrams which I got from Dad for Christmas. I tried to have an early night but sleep just wouldn't come. When I last saw Dr Sally she's going to look at what I can have to help me with my sleep.
  • Thursday 27th December - Had a little lay in this morning. Once I was out of bed I got dressed as Beth was coming round. Dad and Wes went out to play golf so it was just Mandy and I. I did my make-up which always makes me feel better and I think in the new year I'm going to try and do my make-up more often; even if I'm not going out as I'm dong it for myself. I've spent today pacing myself. Doing some letter writing, watching a bit of Netflix, resting, updating my blog as I've fallen behind with it. As 'm typing I could really do with a nap but I'm trying not to in the hope I sleep well tonight *fingers crossed* as that's just not happening at the moment. The most ironic thing about having M.E. I find is that during the day you're fighting off sleep yet come bedtime you're a total insomniac! I've just taken my tea time meds and I might have a bath this evening if I can manage it. And I'm going to make sure that I tidy away my letter writing things as it's nice having a tidy bedroom and that should help with my sleep routine and it also suggested for people with M.E. that spend a lot of time in bed that having a tidy room is quite important (I bought a really helpful book on living with M.E.). I also got round to making a Paperchase order today for a diary next year so I can keep a track of medical things as I've found that helpful this year. Yesterday I also ordered some mire essential oils for my diffuser which came today - Dad got me a sleep blend for Christmas but I now have 'Energy' and 'De-Stress' so I can use my diffuser during the daytime now.
  • Friday 28th December - (my computer decided to reboot and even though I saved this post It deleted today, tomorrow and Sunday so I'm typing what I can remember). Spent most of the day in bed resting, napping, watching TV and writing some letters. It's lovely having a nice bedroom to relax in. Early evening my Aunty Wendy, Uncle Alan and cousin Owen arrived. Went spent the evening playing games. Firstly Owen's choice - Fortnight monopoly, then we played tabletop curling which was good fun even though I was rubbish as it. Then when own went to bed we played Codenames which I love.
  • Saturday 29th December - At breakfast Wes amused himself making Flop a new house out of a shoebox and some cardboard. Most of the day was spent replying to letters. Around 4pm Mandy's family started to arrive and her niece and nephew's where very hyper and noisy so I stayed upstairs. I did come down for something to eat but then went back upstairs.
  • Sunday 30th December - Made it to church this morning and it was my first time witnessing a water baptism. After a gentleman I know from the Bible course came up to encourage me to think about getting baptised and another lady I know came to say hello as she hadn't seen me for a while which was nice and much appreciated. I was getting tired by the end and my hand spasms where playing up. I had a rest when I got home. Dad took Wes to Doncaster to catch his train an when Mandy got home from work we watched 'Ant Man' which was quite good. In the evening Dad, Mandy and I watched another film called 'Man Up' which was also quite good and then I headed to bed.
  • Monday 31st December - Set my alarm for 9.30am and 10am to get out of bed but accidentally fell back to sleep and woke up at 11.17am - oops! Got up and had something to eat and watched TV. I then had a wash, got dressed and did my makeup and then Dad and I went to the Post Office as I had a stack of mail and an Etsy shop order to post. I then came home an rested for a bit and then changed my bedding, got something to eat and watched some more TV. Dad and i are now currently watching a film called 'Apollo 13'. The film was interesting. After I watched some TV and Dad helped me do some more tidying/clearing in my room. In the process Dad fond some Christmas presents I though had been lost i the post. Now I'm just settling myself into bed. I'm not going to going to stay up until midnight. partly because I don't feel positive about anything to celebrate and partly because I want to try and get into a better sleep routine.

Gratitude List...
  • Ability to go to church this week and for the people that came to talk to me
  • Family time
  • Flop cuddles
  • My Dad taking me to the Post Office
  • Pen pals
  • Quiet moments this week