Monday 31 December 2018

Disability and BBC's The Apprentice

I've been meaning to make this post for a while. As This year's The Apprentice has been and gone and as I do every series I wonder "could someone with (particular) disabilities/chronic illnesses" ever participate in such a show despite the findings that "Disabled people make the best entrepreneurs" (link to BBC Ouch! podcast).

For those that don; watch the show 16 contestants compete in weekly business related challenges such advertising, selling, margin buying etc and each week at least one contestant is sent home. The winner wins £250,000 in a business partnership deal with Lord Alan Sugar, a business tycoon and the money helps them launch their own business.

In the show participants have to be up at ridiculously early times some times and often have very short windows to get ready each week (well, from what they make out on the show); they have to run around from A-Z to complete tasks; access various shops and buildings; work long hours; communicate with each other, customers, potential clients and other people just to name a few elements of the show.

Many of these things would be impossible to adapt, so is the show exuding some great potential entrepreneurs because they have a disability/chronic illness?