Tuesday, 23 October 2018

One Second Every Day: October 2018 - Week 3

So recently with a combination of being more poorly than my usual chronic illness self and little to write about I've fallen out od sync with keep up my weekly journal and 'one second every day' project but I'm trying to catch up with that and restart my journal and get back on track with my blog.
  • Monday 15th October - Quiet day at home. Managed to have a little bath and remembered this time to put the boiler on (it's currently broken so we're keeping it off as despite the radiators being turned off they're heating up) so I had a nice hot bath unlike the shower I had last week where the hot water ran out mid shower! I didn't realise that I had ran out of cream yarn for my crochet blanket so made an order for that and just made circles so I don't fall behind and watched more Pretty Little Liars on Netflix which I'm hooked on at the moment. At the moment my care agency are offering me a free ½ hour call as i'm been feeling a bit low and lonely at home so today I didn't feel up to going to the co-op so instead we took a drive to Tesco and posted a few letters there then came home.
  • Tuesday 16th October - Rigid muscles spasms have been playing me up today. I managed to get breakfast and dressed before they started to play me up but  when they started I could do very little. Thankfully my care supervisor from my care agency came round to do my 3 monthly care plan update and Dennis is amazing and he got me my meds, a tumbler of juice a coffee and made me a sandwich, all things I would have gone without if he hadn't of been there which he said just supports my need for Continuing Health Care as my symptoms are so unpredictable. Eventually they eased and I took a break from the TV to put some letters together as I'm going to the post office tomorrow. 
  • Wednesday 17th October - I had to wake up a bit earlier today as I had my Bluebird call at 10.30am. Tracy came and we headed to the post office and I posted some letters and a parcel and then we headed to Specsavers. Thankfully I had nothing else urgent to do as we was there for over an hour as last week when I had my home eye test I felt pressured into getting my glasses there and then but I wanted to look at what they had in store. I chose some different frames so hopefully I'll be able to get the ones I picked out today. I also got my current glasses adjusted as they where rubbing behind my ear. We was planning on going for coffee afterwards but we was so long in Specsavers Tracy nipped off to get the coffee for me. The reason I had my Bluebird call earlier today was because I had a teleconference meeting with the Royal College of Psychiatry which I am a member of the Child and Adolescent Public Education Board (or CAFPEB for short), so I got a quick sandwhich when I got home and then I've just spent the past few hours in the teleconference. I'm not panning to just chill out as I'm tired and my mind is a bit boggled from the teleconference. I have the the Bible Course at church tonight and I'm hoping I have the confidence to go as I haven't been back to church since the last bible study session where I had a prolonged seizure and ended up leaving in an ambulance so its taken my confidence a huge bashing.
  • Thursday 18th October - Had a nice chilled out day. Got on with some crocheting and making good progress with my blanket accompanied by coffee and Netflix.
  • Friday 19th October - Busy morning getting ready. In the afternoon I had my follow-up appointment with Dr Sally Moorcroft, a private Integrative Medicine Dr I've started seeing. I'm giving it a go and keeping an open mind about it and just seeing if it can help. She's prescribed me some homeopathic/herbal medicines to help with things like my energy levels, muscle spasms and sleep problems. She also found that my neck muscles are very tense which may count for the increase in my Chronic Daily Headaches so when I see her next month I'm also going to have a hot shells massage on my neck and shoulders to see if that helps untense my muscles, the alternatives she suggested to that are something called Bowen therapy or acupuncture. When I got home I had a really bad headache so went to have a nap. I forgot to put my nap app on so needed up oversleeping and waking up around 8.30pm and thinking it was the morning, I must have needed the sleep though.
  • Saturday 20th October - Had a nice chilled out day. When I got up I sorted out my usual meds for the day and also added in my new homeopathic/herbal medicines. Today has just been nice and paced out and I've got quite a lot of squares stitched onto my crochet blanket and I'm making good progress and it's not even November yet. I've also discovered a new game on my iPad which I've become a bit addicted to. I also finally got round to ordering some more nose studs and a Paperchase order as a friend's birthday is coming up and I saw some things when I was on the website that was perfect for another friend for Christmas so very unlike me I have officially started Christmas shopping! To carry on the theme I started making an Amazon Christmas wish list.  I also got some upsetting news that someone I know and was really close to is going to pass away which was really hard hitting. I also did some organising of my medical file and made some markers for future appointments so I know what ones I've been to and which ones I've got coming up.
  • Sunday 21st October - I hardly slept but I got up and ready and made it to church. During the early hours I got a letter typed up so the afternoon was spent putting that letter together and I forgot to pace myself so I got crash point and spent the rest of the day just resting.

Gratitude list...
  • Dennis for taking the time out of his day to help me out
  • My care agency for offering me a free ½ hour call 
  • My carers
  • Coffee
  • Being able to afford to see Dr Sally
  • My fight to just keep going when the going gets tough (because I have no choice but to fight)