Thursday 13 September 2018

GUEST POST by Ruth for World Sepsis Day 2018

A young caucasian woman with dark hair tied back in a hospital bed surrounded by medical equipment. She is smiling with her assistance dog laid on her.
Educate yourself, share and raise awareness. 

Sepsis kills 44,000 people a year in the UK and is the biggest killer in intensive care. 

I’ve watched people die of sepsis and septic shock as all the organs shut down and the teams are too late to save them whilst fighting for my own life in intensive care and it’s something that unfortunately I’ll never forget. It’s not only horrific on just the patients but all the families too. I’ve fought sepsis eight times now (from multiple different sources) and I also suffer with PSS (post sepsis syndrome). I know I’m very lucky to still be here and I know if it wasn’t for my knowledge of it, (my predisposition/immunity of getting it), the rapid action and treatment of the doctors and all in intensive care and the pure hope and prayers of families and friends I wouldn’t be here today. 

Please take a moment to look at these photos and talk about it for one minute. 

One moment and one share could save one more life, keep sharing, keep raising awareness, keep saving lives. 

Thank you for reading.