Friday 31 August 2018

One Second Every Day: August - Week 4

  • Monday 20th August - Went to group therapy but got sent home just in case I do have a have a tummy bug so I've got to stay off for 48hrs. I got home an rested and also did some PostCrossing and made a few medical related phone calls. I also started a new series on Netflix called 'Stranger Things' which so far is pretty good. Dad and I also watched a documentary together. Time seemed to fly by today.
  • Tuesday 21st August - Still on sick leave. Dad did some private tuition this morning and I had a nice chat with the mum. Currently just watching more Stranger Things and hoping to have the energy to do some tidying in my room and write some more letters today. Feeling much better today than I have don the past few days.
  • Wednesday 22nd August - Today was a day of little victories, like getting out of bed, getting something to eat, getting showered and washing my hair and pushing through the pain and fatigue and other symptoms. In the evening Rik came round and we watched a film and drank tea. I'm enjoying Flops company. He enjoyed munching on a carrot I gave to him today and its very calming stroking him. I think combined with my usual symptoms and my tummy bug M.E. has really knocked it out of me today. I supposed to be going to group therapy tomorrow so I'm just hoping I have the energy to go. 
  • Thursday 23rd August - First day back at group therapy after my time off with a tummy bug. It was a difficult day at the psychologist there it was her last day and I got on really well with her so I was sad to see her go. I got home and crashed out and my usual daily headache started to creep into a migraine so I took some magic Sumatriptan and put on my sunglasses and managed to watch a film with Dad and Mandy. I was really struggling to get off to sleep so I put Harry Potter on my TV as a distraction to listen to.
  • Friday 24th August - Chilled out day. Woke up to make a phone call at 8.30am and then went back to bed. Had a chilled out day. In the evening I had a few tonic-clonic seizures and was in spasm for over and hour afterwards. Managed to have my tea without throwing it at the wall (yes I have done that in the past!) and after tea Dad, Mandy and I had another film night.
  • Saturday 25th August - Accidentally slept in until 12pm, oops! Got up and breakfasted and I've just had a bath and got dressed. Need to get myself ready and my packed lunch made by 4.30pm for when Dad and Mandy get home (the've gone to look at a car) and then this evening Dad and I are going to Gunby Hall to watch an open air theatre production of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Had a lovely time with Dad at Gunby Hall, and I'm now in bed watching The Great British Bake Off (I was a late started to watching the GBBO so was delighted when Netflix put on the first 7 series) with my TENS machine on my hips which have been hurting me all afternoon and is keeping me awake. Hopefully it will ease the pain so I can go to bed, (especially as I want to avoid taking medication straight away).
  • Sunday 26th August - Got up on time today, yay! Rik came round for a few hours and we watched a film and I designed him some logos and we drank far too much tea. Watched some TV, the time flew by and tidying up my room got forgotten about. I did mange to get two replies to letters done. I hope I have in my letter rack all the letters I have to reply to as I have a feeling there's some missing maybe? Had a long seizure and I should really have gone to bed in hindsight but ended up watching a film with Dad and Mandy. Tomorrows' plan is to do some blogging, doing some tidying in my bedroom as I really don't like how messy it has gotten; even if I do it in small manageable chucks and pace myself I can't use illness as an excuse, order a few things and choose which distance learning course I'd like to do next. So lets see how that plan works out!...

Gratitude List:
  • My Dad for looking after me
  • Friends, tea and films
  • Being able to leave the house
  • Little victories