Tuesday, 21 August 2018

One Second Every Day: August - Week 3

  • Monday 13th August - Last day in Goathland. Typed some letters in the morning then ensured I had packed everything. We said our goodbyes to my Auntie and Uncle and we set off. On the way out of Goathland we stopped off at Goathland train station where they filmed the scenes for Hogmeade Station in the Harry Potter films.
  • Tuesday 14th August - Not much going on today. Had an early night with some Netflix in bed and a cup of tea.
  • Wednesday 15th August - Had a fairly chilled out day. Had a lay in ad then got ready and watched some TV. Dad and I finished off watching a series called Hidden. Then at 2.45 my Bluebird nurse came and picked 
  • Thursday 16th August - Challenging day at group therapy and fatigue was flaring in the afternoon so when I got home I just crashed.  
  • Friday 17th August - Had an lay in this morning though I did get up to make a phone call at 8.30am then went back to bed. Symptoms have been flaring so had a rest day apart form my hairdresser coming round in the afternoon.
  • Saturday 18th August - Had an accidentally in this morning but I'm guessing that my body needed the rest. I got up and ready and watched some Netflix. I've just finished cleaning Flop's cage and he's now happy munching grass in his outdoor run and I've decided to spend a bit of time out in the garden making the most of the summer whilst it's still here. I got tired after a while and just rested on the sofa the rest of the afternoon. The evening was a blur of seizures, muscles spasms and muscle rigidity and I didn't get get off to sleep until the early hours.
  • Sunday 19th August  - Woke up at the normal time for church to see how I felt but I felt so ill and so was going to lay in but decided seems I was awake that I'd drag myself downstairs. I think I also had a tummy bug (maybe?) and felt so sick and exhausted and weak. Rik (Spen) was going to come round and I was going to call it off but I'd perked up and in the afternoon we drank tea and watched a film for a couple of hours. I tried to not over rest so finished off typing up some letters and printed them off and made three letters up ready to post and paced between that and watching TV and also tidying up my room. My pain, especially in my hip is flaring so I'm just resting and going to watch an episode of Desperate Housewives with Mandy hopefully before bed.

    Gratitude list...

  • Living is such a beautiful country
  • Friends
  • Rest days
  • Cuddles with Flop
  • My Dad who does so much for me
  • Desperate Housewives sessions with Mandy