Friday 17 August 2018

One Second Every Day: August - Week 2

  • Monday 6th August - Difficult and challenging day; one where I felt "sick and tired of being sick and tired" and frustrated at being chronically ill. Felt quite low this evening too but tried to "just keep swimming".
  • Tuesday 7th August - Another not-so-interesting day.
  • Wednesday 8th August - Didn't have my carers today as wanted to rest. In the evening Spen and I had a take out pizza and went to our favourite spot and then went for a drive.
  • Thursday 9th August - Group therapy in the day. Had a Desperate Housewives fest with Mandy in the evening which was nice
  • Friday 10th August - Chilled out day. Just rested and recharged my batteries. Watched some Netflix and started on replying to my pen pals.
  • Saturday 11th August - Up early this morning to drive to Goathland to stay at my Aunt and Uncle's for a few days. I loved driving over the moors. We got there around lunch time. In the afternoon we went to the annual village flower, fruit and handicraft completion. I also went into some of the village shops to stock up on postcards for PostCrossing as a lot of members ask for tourist/local picture postcards. I was struggling a bit pain wise so when we go back I took some pain relief and snuggled up on the sofa and watched some Netflix and then had an early night.
  • Sunday 12th August - Slept really well as the bed was super comfy and it was novel to have a double bed all to myself. I got up and had my breakfast and watched some Netflix then I had a nice hot shower as the temperature has dropped and with my autonomic issues I struggle to keep my body temperature up so I'm forever cold. I then brought down some letters and started typing up some replies. In the afternoon Dad and I went to the North York Moors Centre and I bought some more postcards and we looked around the art gallery which had a display of artwork based on local tales, myths and folklore. We then sat outside and had coffee and cake. When we got back I had a nap and in the evening the four of us played a board game. 

Gratitude list...
  • Family and friends
  • Visiting beautiful places
  • Chill out days