Friday 17 August 2018

One Second Every Day: August - Week 1

  • Wednesday 1st August - Bit of a dull day; not much going on. Received a lovely letter from my pen pal Ella.
  • Thursday 2nd August - Didn't sleep well so had a tiring day had an hour long seizure at group therapy so Dad had to come and help me out and then take me home and I slept most of the evening.
  • Friday 3rd August - Rested most of the day, tired from yesterday's seizures. Just chilled watching Netflix and got som pst from one of my pen pals Eleanor.
  • Saturday 4th August - So such an early start to the day despite the fact I'm heading off to London. I had to be ready for 11am for patient transport to pick me up so I had plenty of time to ensure everything was in my bag, get dressed, put my make-up on etc. The journey there was pretty uneventful and we had a pit stop at Peterborough Services, the only hiccup was the struggle to find the hospital - we could see it over the road but didn't know how to get over to it and the it was a case of finding where ambulances could park and then it was a case of finding the right building and clinic, but with a but of guess work we finally got there. My appointment went really well. (see blog post). On the way home I had a couple of seizures and gain we stopped of at Peterborough Services. My new headphones came in perfectly for the journey there and back and I just sat and chilled listening to my iPod which help distract me from the nausea.
  • Sunday 5th August - Went to church this morning and then after church I went out with Spen for a drive and we stopped off at our spot to sit in the sunshine and I tried to even up my tan as the arm I burnt is now tanned but the arm that didn't get burnt was still pale. 

Gratitude List...
  • Letters from pen pals
  • My Dad
  • Patient Transport
  • The NHS and having specialists caring for me
  • My faith
  • Friends
  • Sunshine