Friday, 17 August 2018

Guest Post by Emma for Gastroparesis Awareness Month 2018

Gastroparesis sucks. 

Due to Gastroparesis, I can’t eat. Imagine that, not being able to eat your favourite food or eat cake on your birthday! 

My stomach is paralysed and my intestines aren’t great either causing me to be dependent on a feeding and drainage tube to function and live. 

There is no cure. It will never go away. 

For people suffering with Gastroparesis, it’s like having the stomach flu constantly without a break. Taking multiple medications including narcotics to control symptoms. Being bloated from a bite of a cracker, nausea from the smell of fries, vomiting from a glass of water, Losing weight rapidly with no control. This is our reality. 

Gastroparesis isn’t common and so it can take a while to be diagnosed. I ended up losing just over 38% of my body weight, slowly starving with my body shutting down. Sadly this isn’t uncommon for sufferers. Its life altering and scary. 

We need more awareness and understanding!