Sunday, 1 July 2018

One Second Every Day: June - Week 5

  • Monday 25th June - A VERY anxious morning to the point I was physically unwell. A bit of a dull day. Yesterday I discovered a new programme 'This Model Life' so I watched a few episodes of that in my rocking chair in the sunroom where it's nice and warm and now I'm going to edit a few things on my blog and head up to bed.
  • Tuesday 26th June - If I thought my IBS and gastro symptoms was bad yesterday then today was horrendous. I've been i so much pain - hugging my heat pad so tightly and keeping dosed up with meds and unable to at much without the pain flaring up. I had some detox tea to try and help and am going to buy some more digest tea bags tomorrow and I've just kept myself distracted with episodes of 'The Model Agency'. I also met with my care agency nurse for a catch up which was nice and we put together a plan for what to discuss with Professor Edwards next week and she's going to go with me to see my GP too as my relationship with him is a bit difficult at the moment.
  • Wednesday 27th June - Met a new carer this morning and she was very nice and was eager to learn about my needs and how I would like things done. We went to the Post Office and Tesco to pick up a few bits. I was quite tired after so spent the afternoon resting. My muscle spams where quite bad this evening and I had a few tonic-clonic seizures too. The spasms went on for a few hours - I'm just glad I'm seeing Professor Edwards next week. The spasms eased enough for Dad to wash my hair with a bit of the bathroom becoming a wet room and to eat my tea just before heading to bed.
  • Thursday 28th June - The weather was really nice today; enough for me to actually want to sit outside (normally the UK's 'hot' is still my 'cold'). Dad went out the watch the football so Mandy and I had an evening of watching Desperate Housewives.
  • Friday 29th June - Not much of a special day, feeling pretty low today. It was Mandy's birthday so I got her an Amazon voucher and a set of mini hand creams (Mandy goes through a lot of hand creams and hand creams always remind me of Mandy). Dad and Mandy went out to eat in the evening and I've been struggling physically which was just making me feeling even more rubbish so I just decided to head to bed. Instead of listening to Harry Potter I decided to listen to something new that would mean I'd have to concentrate more on as a form of distraction so I'm now listening to 'An Utterly Impartial History of Britain'.
  • Saturday 30th June - Didn't sleep great and had quite interrupted sleep. I got up at a decent time this morning (not helped by next doors children playing very loudly) I was quite tired when I woke up so just chilled and watched TV and had a nap. I perked up by the afternoon and at 3pm when the football came on I went upstairs and did some PostCrossing as I haven't sent any postcards in a while and its now brought my total number of sent postcards to 104! I laos used my birthday Amazon voucher and bought a few bits. In the evening I watched some bits on my laptop and did some more of my sticker-by-numbers book. I was planning on washing my hair today but it wasn't desperately needing it so I'm hoping I'll have the energy tomorrow. I also want to paint my nails tomorrow to. I'm going to get up in time for church and see how I feel.