Tuesday, 5 June 2018

One Second Every Day: June - Week 1

  • Friday 1st June - Went to group therapy this morning. Spent a few hours in the garden sat at the table writing some letters; managed to write 4 letters before I got tired so I packed up and came inside to watch some TV. Dad and Mandy are now home so feeling relieved. Discovered a new boxset on Channel 4 called 'Ackley Bridge' which is good so far (currently on episode 2 and typing this in the adverts). Also ordered myself a second pair of my favourite jeans whist they're still in stock and got them in black too so I now own 2 blue pairs, a grey pair and a black pair. Also got myself some ballet pumps which I desperately needed so I can wear my harem trousers when I go out. In the evening Dad, Mandy and I watched the first episode of a documentary about Pompeii that was really interesting.
  • Saturday 2nd June - Had a long lay in this morning. Got up and been watching TV. Having a bad pain day, its not like acute pain but just generalised background pain that's just 'there' and I'm quite sure what to do with myself. My concentration isn't great, but Ackley Bridge isn't too hard to focus on. I've tried sitting and laying in all sorts of positions, even my physio ball and not much is helping with the pain. Unfortunatly with FND: "Chronic pain occurs when signals of pain remain active in the nervous system for weeks, months, or even years. This can take both a physical and emotional toll on a person. This type of pain does not always respond to medication." - FND Hope  I'm just hoping the pain relief helps and I can get comfortable. When the football came on I went and sat myself in the sunroom and rather than pick my laptop up to watch more TV I've decided to get on with a bit of college work. I realised that I'd misinterpreted a bunch of questions so after a lot of copying and pasting I put the right answers to the right questions but the questions I misinterpreted I struggled to understand and answer so I've asked Dad to sit with me at some point and go over. I'm now feeling a bit brain fogged for doing a load of college work so I'm going to find a new boxset to watch as I've finished Ackley Bridge now.
  • Sunday 3rd June - Didn't sleep well. Woke up at 8.30am to be ready to go to church but accidentally went back to sleep and wok up at 9.44am - oops! There wasn't enough time to make it to church so decided to stay at home. Dad wasn't feeling well either so he didn't go to his church either. I spent the morning putting together a birthday wish list as my request for a typewriter was turned down; Dad do his research but found it hard to found one suitable and wasn't quite sure where I would be able to keep it as i don't have a desk (though I'd love one) and wasn't sure if I'd be able to find ribbons etc for it when I run out so I made an alternative wish list instead. Dad and I are now just about to sit down and watch some TV together. After a few episodes of 'Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away' with Dad I did a few bits and bobs. I then snuggled up in bed early and watched a few episodes of Chicago Med. Thankfully my pain was better today.

My gratitude list list for this week is:
  • Thankful for the sunshine and being well enough to sit outside
  • Having the money to buy new jeans and shoes
  • Having access to pain relief
  • Spending tome with Dad watching TV
  • Having a better pain day on Sunday