Friday, 11 May 2018

One Second Every Day - May 2018: Week 1

  • Tuesday 1st May - Had an early night with my copy of the M.E. Association's magazine which had some really interesting and relevant articles.
  • Wednesday 2nd May - Went out in the morning for a couple of hours with my carer - took some mail to the post office then to Specsavers to get my glasses sorted and a little break in Costa and couldn't resit treating myself to their gluten and dairy free mini bakewell tarts. Then went to Tesco to pick up a few bits including a new Barry M foundation and got myself another one of their holographic glittery eyeshadow toppers as I'm really enjoying doing my make up at the moment. 
  • Thursday 3rd May - Had a foggy high fatigue kind of day so had an early night.
  • Friday 4th May - Had a lay in and pj morning and totally forgot about my appointment with pain clinic so had a mad half hour getting dressed, my bag ready and getting something to eat in case patient transport arrived early (which they didn't). It wasn't a very productive appointment, more a summary of what's going on like current referrals etc. To be honest I could really have stayed at home as I was shattered and in a lot of pain with my hips. Didn't have to wait at all to go home (finally got the nack of booking transport home so i'm not waiting 4 hrs!), thankfully they got it right going home and booked me in with an ambulance and a double crew which they didn't do on the way there so it was a game of risk with my seizures and a single crew in a car. Awarded myself a bravery bed for making it to the appointment when I really want to cancel.
  • Saturday 5th May - Lovely sunny weather so sat outside with a cup of coffee making the most of the sunshine and listening to the birds.
  • Sunday 6th May - Made it to church in the morning then rested during the afternoon.Then in the evening I went to a church friends house for coffee and a games night. We plays '5 Second Rule', 'Cranium' and a 'Ticket to Ride' (which is a train empire game a bit like risk). I was so lost in playing the games that I forgot to take a photo/video so I took a video of Hugo the hamster who is very cute.

My gratitude list list for this week is:
  • Organisations like the M.E. Association
  • My carers
  • Being well enough to leave to house and run errands and go for a coffee 
  • Not having to wait for patient transport to take me home
  • Sitting outside in the sunshine with my cup of coffee and listening to the birds
  • Making it to church
  • Fu evenings with my church friends