Friday 11 May 2018

One Second Every Day - April 2018: Week 4

  • Monday 23rd April - Did some tidying up and in lifting the something up my wrist kept dislocating so ended up putting my brace on. Had a high fatigued day so was ready for my bed at the end of the day and had an early night.
  • Tuesday 24th April - High fatigue day so rested in bed and watched some episodes of Chicago Fire to distract me from the pain.
  • Wednesday 25th April - Still in a lot of pain so rested most of the day. Had carers come in the morning then in the afternoon an OT from wheelchair services came round to provide me with a better pressure sore cushion. I explained how i find my current wheelchair quite heavy which puts a strain on my shoulders so going to have an assessment for a more lightweight wheelchair.
  • Thursday 26th April - Caught up on some mail and wrote some letters to some people I haven't touched base with in a while. I also received a beautiful handmade card from one of my pen pals.
  • Friday 27th April - Another high fatigue day. Went to group therapy in the morning and spent the afternoon resting and recharging. Love my Stickman Communications © hoodie, it's so comfy and warm.
  • Saturday 28th April - Had a lay in in the morning then early afternoon Dad and I took a trip to the local garden centre. We had a little wonder round including a look at the lovely colourful fish. We then when for coffee and i had a lovely slice of gluten free carrot cake and a soya latte. We then went and picked up a few bits to sow my blue poppy seeds that I bought when we went to Kew Gardens. When we got home we filled a few of the propagator trays with seed soil and added some poppy seeds and gave them a water and popped them on the windowsill and put in my calendar where they need to go and when.
  • Sunday 29th April - Managed to make it to church int he morning and spent the afternoon resting and doing some of my distance leaning work.
  • Monday 30th April - Washed my own hair, well, I shampooed it and then used spray leave-in conditioner. This is a huge thing for me as normally Dad washes my hair but he wasn't able to and it desperately needed washing. I was exhausted after so went to bed and put on an audiobook and played some games on my iPad until I was ready to nod off.

My gratitude list list for this week is:

  • Distractions from pain
  • My carers
  • Wheelchair Services
  • My Stickman Communications © hoodie
  • Spending time with Dad
  • Being able to get out the house
  • Cafe's that cater for allergies/intolerances
  • Church
  • Being able to study
  • Leave-in conditioner