Monday 2 April 2018

One Second Every Day: March

March Week 1...

  • Thursday 1st - started Season 3 of Chicago Fire 
  • Friday 2nd - getting back in crochet and making some fingerless gloves whilst watching some Desperate Housewives with Mandy
  • Saturday 3rd - went out for coffee with Nichola
  • Sunday 4th - church in the morning and having a game of Rumikub with Dad in the afternoon

March Week 2...

  • Monday 5th - appt with Pain Clinic
  • Tuesday 6th March -  took a trip to Hull the visit The Deep
  • Wednesday 7th - poorly day with a migraine, PEM and a fever
  • Thursday 8th - still feeling unwell but went to some friends in the evening watching the Jesus Culture conference in the background
  • Friday 9th - still feeling ill but remembered last minute I was booked in at the salon so had a nice massage which helps with my pain and muscle spasms
  • Saturday 10th - feeling more ill so spent the day on the sofa watching TV
  • Sunday 11th - spent most of the day in bed but got up late afternoon and had a few rounds of a game called Besh with Dad and the watched Endeavour

March Week 3...
  • Monday 12th - appt with the Pain Clinic. Not that helpful but it’s something rather than nothing. Just talked about relaxation and how to get comfortable.
  • Tuesday 13th - challenging my anxiety and getting on the phone ‘n’ ride bus (it’s an accessible door-to-door bus service). Also went to a church group in the evening but I had a seizure so came home early and went to bed.
  • Wednesday 14th - rest day catching up on Shetland. A part of Scotland I’d LOVE to visit one day.
  • Thursday 15th - busy day so early bedtime with an audiobook and a few games of solitaire
  • Friday 16th - out in the morning, spent the afternoon resting. Forgot to take a video so found this fitting quote by Frida Kahlo
  • Saturday 17th - spent a cosy evening in the sunroom watching Chicago Fire
  • Sunday 18th - went to church in the morning and then in the afternoon wegot invited to some family friend’s home for Sunday dinner. The evening was spent catching up on replying to a few letters as my inbox in stacking up.

March Week 4...
  • Monday 19th - appt with pain clinic, on the way home and n patient transport I went into a prolonged seizure and the 999 paramedics got called so off to A&E I went
  • Tuesday 20th - was a rest day in bed
  • Wednesday 21st: my referral to the London EDS Diagnostic Centre arrived. I also went to the opticians and Costa with my carer. 
  • Thursday 22nd - I did some blogging about Stage 2 of my Low FODMAP diet and how it's going so far
  • Friday 23rd - I got a lovely surprise in the post. A bag with my design on from a design a bag competition. 
  • Saturday 24th - was a bad pain and fatigue day curled up with my heat pad and watching Chicago Fire 
  • Sunday 25th - Season 4 of Chicago Fire arrived just in time and I just had to watch a few episodes

March Week 5...
  • Monday 26th - Pain Clinic appointment, rested up for most of the day and started on Season 4 of Chicago Fire
  • Tuesday 27th - Another high fatigue day, tired from going out the my appointment yesterday. In today's watching of Chicago Fire there was a crossover episode with Chicago Med
  • Wednesday 28th - Went out with my carer in the morning to pick up some bits from the supermarket. My carer agency are also trialling a new SOS watch. Every 15 minutes it takes my pulse and temperature and also counts my steps. It also has a falls detector and SOS button so that is giving me some peace of mind when I'm alone.
  • Thursday 29th - Home alone and my silly brain decided to turn my legs off when I went to make myself a coffee so I feel to the floor subliming my hip and dislocating my shoulder. My watch isn't picking up falls but I was able to press the SOS button and speak with someone from my care agency. They advised I call 999, but I decided to call 111 instead as my GP out-of-hours wouldn't be able to do anything. The paramedics arrived and where brilliant. They went with my flow of what to do. They got me on the entonox as my shoulder was in a lot of pain and had trapped a nerve and got me some of my oramorph. After a while we got me up off the floor using an inflatable cushion to minimise risk of re-injury and with a put of rubbing of my legs we managed to gingerly get me to the sofa. The paramedics where very impressed with my Stickman Communications © filofax. They made sure I was comfortable on the sofa and had everything I need including a coffee and some snacks and my phone was with me. I had to sign a waiver as I declined to go to A&E (which I stated at the outset). 
  • Friday 30th - Rest day and caught up with some letters as have a bit of a backlog.
  • Saturday 31st - Another day of pain and fatigue so spent the day resting and decided to watch Bones for a change as I'm whizzing through Chicago Fire and today have bought Season 5 and Chicago Med to keep my going.