Tuesday 10 April 2018

One Second Every Day - April 2018: Week 1

April Week 1...

  • Sunday 1st - "He is Risen", Matthew 28:6. Made it to church in the morning. Received a lovely free from caramel chocolate Easter egg from my Mandy's (Step-Mum) Mum.  Went to visit Mandy's Dad and partner and the rest of the day was chilled out watching CSI.
  • Monday 2nd - Had a lay in and made he most of not being at the TC. Found it really hard to leave my bed. Watched TV including a teaching from Life Church and played a couple of games of Rumikub with Dad (I won both games!) Also spent some time getting some letters written.
  • Tuesday 3rd - Back at the TC but it'll be the only day I'm there this week as going to Harry Potter Studio's on Thursday (eek!). TC went well, it was quite a small gathering today which I find helpful. Treated myself to some fruity Mentos which I've discovered I really like. Got my care plan and assessment sorted with my care co-ordinator. When I got home I wrote out a few postcards form Postcrossing. Then in the evening I went to my last session of the Keys to Freedom Programme. Feel quite sad that it's come to an end as I've really enjoyed it and found it so spiritually helpful and it's defiantly planted some seeds for me.
  • Wednesday 4th - This morning I went out with my carer to run a few errands. We started off with an appointment at the salon for a wax and tidy up of my eyebrows. We then went to The Range and picked up a few things including some more stickers for my ever growing collection. We then just had time to go and pick up my glasses from the opticians before heading home and dropping off some mail in the post box. The afternoon was spent resting watching TV and having a nap. Then had a bath in the evening and gave myself a bit of a self-care pamper.
  • Thursday 5th - Today was an especially exciting day as we went to Harry Potter Studios! I got an entry ticket for Christmas from Dad and was my favourite gift and I had an AMAZING time! (blog post to come soon!)
  • Friday 6th - Quite tired from yesterday's trip to London, especially because we didn't get home until the early hours so today was a PEM rest day. Trying my hardest not to spend my rest days in bed (even when my body and brain are begging for it) and getting myself downstairs to spend the day on the sofa and save my bedroom for nighttime sleeping to help with sleep hygiene stuff. 
  • Saturday 7th - Still feeling the fatigue and pain so had another rest day; discovered Puzzler online so distracted myself with some different puzzles.
  • Sunday 8th - Making the most of the weekend before the week ahead and had another rest day. Seizures haven't been very good past few days so I had an early night and put on my Mathmos projector which I love and find very relaxing and had Stephen Fry read Harry Potter to me (I listen to the Harry Potter books most nights to help me nod off).