Thursday 26 April 2018

One Second Every Day - April 2018: Week 3

  • Monday 16th - Boring day waiting around for appointments so it's always handy to have some music, a cup of coffee and a puzzle book.
  • Tuesday 17th - Had a big (and exhausting) tidy of my bedroom to make it a bit of a nicer place to rest and relax in. Still have some things to sort which I've put into boxes to sort another day but at least for now my floor, tabletops and windowsills are clear. Had an early night with an audiobook.
  • Wednesday 18th - Out with my carer this morning. First off we went to the Post Office, then the the Drs then the Tesco. We took a detour via the cafe to fuel up before getting some shopping in and treated myself to some new make-up as wanting to get more adventurous and of course glittery products where chosen. In the afternoon I just rested and a lady from the home library service came with some audio books. Also started doing some reading for my new Understanding Autism distance learning course.
  • Thursday 19th - Bit of a dull day. Had an accident and spilt my drink on my bed so Dad to the rescue taking my duvet cover off. I can't sleep without something covering me so used my weighted blanket as a substitute duvet.
  • Friday 20th - Had a nice letter writing session finishing off the last few letters that where on my inbox which had gotten quite full. Also got my Paperchase parcel delivered with one new stickers and writing sets and a gift for a friend.
  • Saturday 21st - 'The Great Hedgehog Rescue'. Dad had dug a hole for a washing line post but a hedgehog had fallen in so tonight we rescued him/her from the hole and also built a little hedgehog cafe.
  • Sunday 22nd - Managed to make it to church. Haven't been the past few weeks so it was nice to make it this week though sitting at the back you get a bit of a limited few of the screens but oh well I made it there and that's the main thing as I find it hard it the mornings, it would be nice if they could do a evening session, *fingers crossed*.