Wednesday, 18 April 2018

One Second Every Day - April 2018: Week 2

  • Monday 9th - Migraine day so Sumatriptan, pain relief, Cyclizine and rest to the rescue.
  • Tuesday 10th - Birchbox delivery day, yay! Received a highlighter, hand cream, eyebrow mascara, night cream and face illuminator.  Flop also arrived to stay with us for a few days.
  • Wednesday 11th - PJ morning having cuddles with Flop. Today his firm favourite in his flash food was spinach.
  • Thursday 12th -  Started back on my clonazepam after my GP stopped it for unknown reasons so seizures haven't been great past few days so just hoping they start to kick in soon. Bit of a dull day but alway made better with tea.
  • Friday 13th - Appointment in the morning. Making the most of Dad being off work for the Easter holidays so played a few games of Rumikub with him.
  • Saturday 14th - Chilled out day then in the evening the there of us played Triomino's (it's basically like dominos but with three sides). Also had a nice papering bath in the evening.
  • Sunday 15th - Intended to get up for church which I enjoy but I didn't sleep well so I accidentally slept in. Had another rest day conserving my spoons for a busy week ahead. Did some baking and made dairy, wheat and gluten free brownies.